The Cosmic Surf Club teamed up when they produced their first album 'the Cal Massey Songbook'. They are a music production team consisting of four musicians. The term 'Cosmic Surf' originated when they were performing as the Gentlemen's Club - a band that plays 100% improvised music - and did not want to resort to the term 'free jazz'. 'Cosmic Surf' emphasises the music's tendency to travel from one cosmic place to another. They just finished their second album Parallel Worlds, release in june 2018.

Zane Wayne Massey saxophone, flute, composer, arranger. born in Brooklyn New York U.S.A. bands Ronald Shannon Jackson's Decoding Society, Sun Ra, Jemeel Moondoc, The Foundation, Carlos Garnett MUNY (Music Under New York) with Roy Campbell, Madam PeePee


Saskia Jonker vocals, graphics, mixing. born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands bands Leman Sam, TRT Big Band, Small Talk, Madam PeePee, The Cal Massey Legacy


Coen Aalberts drums, percussion, connector. born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands bands Frank Wright, Willy Nilly, Willem Wodka award 2013


Maxim Baghuis piano, keyboards, composer, arranger. born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands bands Foreign Bodies, Small Talk, Madam PeePee